Barnes & Noble Gift Card Balance Check

How to find the validity period of the card

Are you a lover of shopping for books, games, and toys? Barnes and Noble is the one-stop destination to make a purchase of what you wish to have. At Barnes and Noble, loyal customers are always showered with tons of benefits. The company has introduced a gift card to encourage and boost their shopping experience.

Barnes and Noble gift card is the universal gift, which is suitable for all sorts of buyers. You can either use the gift card for your benefit or give them to someone as the gift for their special occasion. It does not matter in which way you utilize the card, but checking the barnes and noble gift card balance beforehand is highly important.

Checking the gift card balance allows you to purchase your favoruite item both online or offline easily and quickly. Even though you understand the importance of checking the balance, you are not aware of the methods to know the balance. Are you tired of searching here and there to get a better solution for your problem? If yes, then keep patience and scroll down your eyes.

Barnes & Noble Gift Card Balance Check

Ways to check Barnes and Noble gift card balance

The major benefit of the Barnes and Noble gift card is that it allows you to check its balance in both online and offline mode. When you prefer online mode, you have to visit the official site of Barnes and Noble. In terms of offline mode, you need to visit or call nearby store. As per your convenience, you can go with the right option. Take a glance at the below section to know in-depth details about checking barnes and noble gift card balance in three different ways.

Check balance at Barnes and Noble site

As said before, you can check the gift card balance in the online mode by visiting the website of the Barnes and Nobile shop. To reach the official portal, log on to At the top of the homepage, choose the gift card section in which tap on the “check your balance” option. It brings you to the relevant page where you need to enter the card number and security code.

Upon inputting everything correctly, press the check balance button to proceed further. It takes some minutes and then displays your card balance on the screen. Keep in mind that having a 4-digit code is extremely important to check the balance online at the official site. If you forget the password, then visit the nearby shop to check the gift card balance instead of getting the frustration.

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Check balance through a phone call

Do you confront a problem when accessing online mode to find the balance? Do you forget the security PIN? Well, you can go with the next option of phone call to check your card balance before start shopping. Call the customer support number 1-800-295-3029 and speak with the representative about your query.

They ask your gift cards details such as card number and 4-digit Pin. If you do not remember the PIN, then inform the representative. Within a few seconds, they check your details and provide the exact balance in your account. Besides, you can ask them various queries and take most out of your gift card.

Check balance at the nearby store

If you feel any hassles and discomfort in accessing two methods above, you can visit the nearby Barnes and Noble store to find out the barnes and noble gift card balance. Regardless of location, you can enter into any store and ask for the gift card balance. The shopkeeper will help and make your shop as per your needs without any stress and hassle.

Upon checking the balance, you can purchase books, toys, DVDs, and various other items at the discounted price. Since Barnes and Noble gift card is accepted at their online and local stores, you can use it properly before the expiration date to claim its benefits completely.

How to find the validity period of the card

Just like other cards, gift card also comes with the validity period, which means you can utilize the card for the specific time. To check that time, you need to pay more attention to the backside of the card on the gift box. It is because it clearly mentioned the expiry date of the card. As per the mentioned year, you can use the card without any disappointment.

You can even call the hotline number of the Barnes and Noble customer support number and get to know the validity period of the gift card. You can call the representative even if the card is damaged or stolen. They help you with the right instruction on what to do further and how to claim the gift card benefit any more.

How to find the validity period of the card

Benefits of the Barnes and Noble gift card

Barnes and Noble is the leading retailer of books and various other associated merchandise. They offer various benefits for their customers through gift card. When you check barnes and noble gift card balance before shopping, you will enjoy the following benefits.

  • It saves you from the horror of spending hours for deciding on the right gift to surprise someone
  • It becomes an ideal gift for all age groups because Barnes and Noble shop has a different collection of items suitable for all the people
  • Buying product using the gift card is the safe and best method because it keeps you away from many security issues
  • It can be utilized to buy merchandise at any Barnes and Noble store or even in the online destination
  • It gives a discount on the customer’s bulk orders and makes them save more on their shopping
  • Purchase gift cards based on the special occasion and particular holiday to enjoy more
  • It welcomes you to the world of unlimited books, newspapers, textbooks, games, toys, music, movies, and much more
  • It is usually mailed to your email Id for instant access and deliver the products directly to the shipping address
  • It gives freedom from the real hassles of shopping for yourself and others as well. Simply free up your mind and look at the products you want. Additionally, give chance for the receiver to choose their favoruite item.

These are just the sample of the Barnes and Noble gift card. Simply make use of them to understand its real benefits.  

Bottom line

Barnes and Noble gift card is the digital or plastic gift card, which is pre-loaded with the monetary value. You can use them whenever purchasing at the online or offline store of Barnes and Noble. It helps you get product at the discounted rate, but it is necessary check the card balance now and then. Of course, the card will be added with the points upon every purchase you made with the Barnes and Noble store. Most of the people do not know the way to check barnes and noble gift card balance. By keeping them in mind, the article was written and mentioned the steps clearly to check the balance. Read the article completely before looking somewhere else to find assistance in checking the gift card balance.

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