Know the Exact Ways to Check Starbucks Gift Card Balance

To check the balance on android

Know the Exact Ways to Check Starbucks Gift Card Balance

Are you a coffee and tea lover? If so, then Starbucks is one of the popular and well-known coffee destinations around the world. The brand has its own blends of the freshly brewed coffee, and therefore, it gained more popularity among the coffee lovers. They not serve the unique blend of the coffee but also provide different flavors to suits every coffee lover’s tastes. Melt your heart by tasting Starbucks hot chocolate and white chocolate. They also provide espresso beverages such as cappuccino and standard espresso.

Starbucks also offers delicious sweets including brownies, cookies, bread, cakes, bagels, and muffins. Because of the amazing taste of the drinks and other snacks, a special group is always there for Starbucks. With the motive of saying thanks to them, Starbucks introduces a gift card and rewards program. You can register the card, earn free drinks, and obtain free refills on specific teas and coffees. You can also get special offers, which sent through email.

starbucks gift card balance

What is the Starbucks gift card?

The Starbucks gift card is one of the best ways to pay and get stars toward rewards. This gift card is a better gift for those coffee lovers. It is also a quick and better way to treat someone special to the gift of the popular Starbucks food or coffee. You can either purchase Starbucks e-gift cards online or earn rewards upon frequent visits to the shop.

Use this card in any Starbucks store to purchase a coffee or anything else as per your needs. It is quite different from the Starbucks store credit card and gold card. Many people now access this gift card but not know the exact way to check starbucks gift card balance. This article is completely all about how to check the balance in the Starbucks gift card. Scroll down your eyes to know much about the topic!

Methods to check Starbucks gift card balance

Users have two different methods to check their gift card balance – through the Starbucks site and app on their mobile. According to your wish, go ahead with any one of these methods. Remember you should have good internet connection to access both methods. Or else, it does not display your current gift card balance. Read the following section carefully to know the way check your balance and money in the card.

  • Check balance via the Starbucks website

As soon as you enter into any Starbucks store, you get access to a Wi-Fi connection. Using the free internet, you can check the card balance and avoid all the embarrassing situations. You can even reload the page if it is necessary. It is just a simple way to check your starbucks gift card balance especially if you visit Starbucks store often. It is also considered as the fastest way to check the card when not having a registered user account or app installed on your device. Go through the following steps to check your card balance easily.

  • Firstly, open up the browser app on your device. It can be anything because Starbucks works well in all the sites.
  • Next, go to the official site of the Starbucks and scroll down the page until you reach the bottom of the page. In that, you will find an option check balance
  • Then, insert your gift card number into the required field. Usually, the card contains 6-16digit number. Ensure you have not utilized any dashes and space when entering the card number
  • Likewise, you need to type in the security code, which is a 6-digit code. It is available underneath the card number. To reveal them, you must scratch the box properly
  • Once you have entered all the details correctly, hit the check balance button. Within a few seconds, the information will be displayed on the screen. The speed of the information display depends on how speed your internet connection is.

You can do this way either from your mobile or from the desktop, which connected to the internet. The highlight of this method is that you need not have a Starbucks account to see the card details. However, remember the fact that registering an account is necessary to reload the card.  

Check balance via the Starbucks website

How to check the balance using the registered account

If you are a registered user, log in with the proper credentials, reach the card section, and select the card you want to check.  Clicking the correct card will display all the related details, including starbucks gift card balance. This method saves you from the trouble of scratching the box and typing in 16digit code.

  • Check balance via Starbucks app

No matter, whether you have android or iPhone, you can able to check the card balance through the Starbucks app. Check this app either on Google Play or App store according to your device and install it on your mobile. With this single app, you get access to do many things such as earn rewards, manage gift cards, leave tips, send the gift card, order ahead, and much more. As said, you can even check the card balance when you do not wish to utilize the browser way.

How To check the balance on iPhone:

  • Firstly, you have to log into your Starbucks account and then launch the application
  • Choose the pay option, and the remaining balance appears at the screen top-left corner

How To check the balance on android:

  • Launch the application on your smartphone
  • Press the 4-line icon on the top-left corner of the device screen
  • Click the refresh balance button to display the new information if needed

As per your convenience, you can utilize any one of these methods and check out your starbucks gift card balance easily and quickly.

To check the balance on android

Register your gift card to avoid extra perks

The first step you must do to make the most out of the Starbucks gift card is registering your card. To register the card for the Starbucks reward program, you require a gift card number. This reward program is the customer loyalty program, which means the brand encourages customers to purchase all of their drinks. Thus, they can obtain gold status, but they start to witness its real benefits after registering. Some of the major benefits of the registration are getting free refills in the store.

Upon registration, you will get Starbucks stars for every spent. When you continue to earn rewards, you will obtain a chance to utilize special promotions. If you reach 300points, you will get Starbucks green status, which lets you move up top Starbucks gold status. It is the most prestigious status one can reach in the Starbucks reward program. It gives then chance to try out all kinds of drinks and foods in the store without spending much or for free as well.


Now, you have three different methods in hand to check the starbucks gift card balance. Use any of these methods and know what your current availability in the card. If you wish to increase the speed of balance checking, then set up the automatic reloads to your gift card. It speeds up the balance checkout process and displays the details on the screen

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