How do I activate my Walmart Money Card?

The Walmart MoneyCard is a kind of prepaid debit card used for buying at the Walmart stores. The unique feature of this card is that it is available as a VISA and also Mastercard.  You can use it anywhere because the money card is accepted by all kinds of Walmart stores. It has a better purchase price. The users are allowed to use it for transferring money and paying bills online. The main function of this walmartmoneycard is to simplify the process of making payments. The spending limit of this card includes the prepaid amount. It is not only ideal for shopping but also allows you to use this card for some other purposes like travelling. It is advised to relocate the card when its balance gets low.


It is essential to know that this card is simple to use, so you can let your daughter or son aged between sixteen and seventeen years. It is because this card appears as a part of the allowance of your children. If you, unfortunately, lose your card, it is important to report it immediately to the Walmart. The main reasons for informing Walmart is that it will bring you a quick replacement. It is the right time when you require activating the new MoneyCard offered by Walmart.  

Requirements to get Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart comes with certain eligibility criteria, so you should meet it for acquiring this money card.

  • The age of the applicant must be eighteen years or more
  • The minor individuals aged between sixteen and seventeen are issued with parental permission  
  • The single account is also eligible for acquiring more than one money card
  • Every fee and purchase is charged on your similar accounts

You are required to meet all these requirements to become qualified for the Money card.

Uses of a Money card

It is good news for cardholders that it is accepted by all kinds of Walmart stores. You can try to check the Mastercard/Visa sign before using this card. You can utilize the moneycard in different places that range from grocery stores, gas stations to hotels and airlines that accept money through a debit card.

How does Moneycard help to control cash?

You can use the MoneyCard to buy the things from everywhere where the Visa or MasterCard debit cards are accepted in the United States.

  • You can deposit checks by using the smartphone camera
  • Pay your bills by using the bill pay service online available for free
  • Does not includes any overdraft fee
  • You can write checks for paying rent or remaining bills that look for paper checks. You can use the mobile application of Walmart to order personalized checks. It includes limits and fees
  • The registered Moneycard is secured against  various unauthorized transactions
  • Send cash for free instantly to another card offered by the Green Dot Bank that includes MoneyCard
  • Few features are only available on the personalized card

Fees details

The users are required to pay a certain amount to get this money card.  If you desire to know the precise fees details, you can visit the official website.  It is the right place where you can gather enough information about the money card.

  • You need to pay $3.00 of issuance fee
  • After that, you can pay $3.00 as the reload fee.
  • If you make the Walmart Cash Checking or direct deposit, you  will able to enjoy this process for entire free
  • Finally, you have to pay $3.00 as a monthly maintenance amount

Guide to grab the money card from Walmart

When you decide to get the Money card through online mode, you can get a fantastic chance to acquire the card after seven to ten days. You can receive the card through your mail. If you have enough time, you can go to the checkout lane of the local Walmart store. It is another way to get your Moneycard. As a user, you need to pay the issuance fee of $3. You can easily load cash into your card when you successfully check out.

Steps for activating and unlocking your MoneyCard

If you want to activate the Moneycard received through your Mail, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • The first step is to open the activation page of the MoneyCard.
  • It is the right place where you can enter your card number, expiration year and month, the final 4 digits of social security number and 3-digit security code and also your card PIN.
  • Once you entered the details properly, you can click on the next button
  • It is important to get support from Walmart through the number, which is 1-877-937-4098. You can have your card number ready while making the call to Walmart.

Guide for registering your new MoneyCard


If you want to register the new Moneycard of Walmart, you can follow these below steps. The simple-to-follow procedures allow you to complete the registration task without taking time duration. It is essential to create an online account at first before following these procedures. With a reliable online account, you can start to register the new card.

  • At first, you can log in to the online account
  • The second step is to register the new MoneyCard of Walmart by simply clicking on the “Register New Card” option.
  • Now, you require entering your card number on empty boxes
  • You can check for a 3-digit security code. You can find this security code on the back portion of your card. You can enter the code properly. It will lead to automatic activation of the card.

How to reload your Walmart Money card?

It is mandatory to reload the card when it has a low balance. You can utilize the checkout lane available on Walmart for reloading your MoneyCard. You can use the payroll or government check for loading the card. Also, you can reload the MoneyCard by simply making either a direct deposit or bank transfer. There are simple procedures to reload the Moneycard, so you can follow them properly to avoid various inconveniences. When you decide to begin your card activation procedure, you need to keep certain things in your mind.  At first, you can carefully read the details available on the card. The precise information helps you to take the required actions.


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